Knowing that he wouldn’t be there for her wedding, a terminally ill father walked his 11-year-old down the ‘aisle’ years early with the pastor sweetly pronouncing them ‘daddy and daughter’.

Jim Zetz, 62, from Murrieta, California, who has stage 4 pancreatic cancer, proudly held his daughter, Josie’s hand during their backyard ceremony on March 14 and placed a sparkling ring on her index finger.” 

oh my god this made me cry

this is disgusting

How revolting. What a pig of a man. He can’t bear the thought of his daughter not being owned by a man.

Or maybe if she decides she WANTS to marry the love of her life he wishes he could walk her down the aisle you fucking idiots

Yes let us force heterosexuality and archaic rituals of the patriarchal exchange of property onto pre-pubescent children, wooo freedom of choice woo

W h a t

This is why I hate Tumblr sometimes so much. "In 72 hours we managed to make one little girl’s wish to have her Daddy with terminal cancer attend her wedding come true.” And people on Tumblr go like MAKING LITTLE GIRL’S WISH COME TRUE is disgusting. Check the facts. Learn to read. Don’t be a dick. Thank you.

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    Did you see anyone assuming she wasn’t straight? I didn’t. I saw people saying that whatever she turns out to be, her...
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